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Oct 26

Considerations before rooting a Motorola Defy

I had been struggling with myself for a long time, until I decided to root my Motorola Defy. Usually I “never change a running system” and I would not have rooted the device, if I had not had significant problems.

1st problem: The preinstalled Swype has version 2.25, available is 3.26. Motorola, Y U NO update?

2nd problem: Since the update to Froyo, there are highly increased performance issues to the point of a frozen display after the use of Google Maps. A patch requires root.

3rd problem: Taking a screenshot always requires the installation, configuration and usage of the Android SDK on a second device.

At this moment, I’m not needing a custom ROM or overclocked CPU. I just want the issues to be fixed. Additionally, the warranty will have expired in a week.

I don’t believe that there will be an update to newer android releases. In case of needing features in further updates, root is a mandatory requirement for installing a custom ROM on this smartphone.

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