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Feb 21

Why I prefer using IRC instead of ICQ

Yes, I admit that comparing ICQ with IRC is like comparing apples and oranges. ICQ is colorful and widely spread. IRC is the opposite, text-based and rarely spread – even back to the basics. But, you won’t believe, both have similarities. IRC and ICQ based on the TCP protocol and tried XMPP. Even both have no encryption out-of-the-box but offer additional possibilities.

Enough of these similarities, the most annoying feature of ICQ are these flashing and toned emotions. Short after those are the user-modified status messages with a lot of special characters, colors and misspelling. I don’t understand why it is cool to replace every g with a q or why a word has to be read mirrored. This is one of the points, which confirmed my decision to use IRC.

IRC offers much more comfort to talk with more than one person than ICQ. If I want to talk to a single person, I just use queries. Maybe, you can discuss the point more in detail. Maybe it’s a matter of taste. I like chatting with more than one person at the same time and get more feedback for a question than writing to everyone in my ICQ contact list.

Regarding the last sentence, I got another unplanned thought. For IRC you don’t have to sign up. Just choose your username, connect and disconnect. You’re free, to change any option at any time.

The last reason is one of my favorites. If you use ICQ, you are addicted to the availability of an US concern named AOL. As you may know, AOL has a bad reputation in the IT scene, which I can totally confirm. So, by using IRC you have a wide range of available servers – and even, if no one matches your requirements you can set up your own.

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