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Nov 01

Update preinstalled Swype version

Official Swype LogoWhen you buy a Motorola Defy and update it to the latest official available version, you have Swype in version 2.25. The lastest official available beta is 3.26, which more than one year of development ahead. The input method has improved a lot, so I understand everybody who demands on a new software update. But it won’t be released by Motorola, at least not for a Defy. So, you have to root your device and update Swype on your own. Here’s a walkthrough of it.

1) Signup to Swype beta and download actual installer

  • Register yourself on the official Swype homepage
  • You’ll get a mail with a download link for the installer and an activation code. You have to open this link on your smartphone.
  • Save the Swype-Installer.apk on your sdcard. We need this later on.

2) Check prerequisites

    • Activate the Multi-Touch keyboard on your smartphone, so you have a keyboard after uninstalling the old Swype version.

Enable Multi-touch keyboard

  • Ensure, you have allowed the installation from unknown sources.

Allow unknown sources


3) Uninstall old Swype version

  • Open the previously installed terminal app and insert the following code:
  • To request root permissions:
    Gain read and write access in the system folder:
    mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock6 /system

    Copy the app package Swype.apk on sdcard for a backup:
    cp /system/app/Swype.apk /sdcard/Swype.apk

    Copy the configuration library on sdcard:
    cp /system/lib/ /sdcard/

    Remove the original Swype files:
    rm /system/app/Swype.apk
    rm /system/lib/

    Reboot the device:

Uninstall old Swype

4) Install new Swype version

After the reboot, you’ll only have the Multi-touch keyboard. But don’t be afraid, we’ll now going to install Swype again.

  • Install the Swype-Installer.apk
  • Install the Installer

  • Open the Installer and login with your in step 1) defined credentials
  • Login with your previously defined credentials

  • Enter the activation code, you’ve got with the mail containing the download link.
  • Enter your activation key

  • Choose the region, you’re living in and download Swype.
  • Download Swype

  • Confirm the installation and…
  • Confirm your Swype installation

  • …enable Swype finally.
  • Enable Swype

That’s it. Have fun with Swype 3.26 beta.

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