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Feb 13

Twitter – Lesson 7/7: Extend Twitter

This last section will show you some third party services to enhance your efficiency through Twitter. A lot of these things are nice gimmicks but will provide you some useful features. In the following part I will give a look on some examples of the wide ocean of services extending Twitter. l If you don’t know the basics already, please take a look on previous chapters: LogoSince Twitter gains more and more popularity, services for a shorter URL grow up the same time. With an URL like “”, you are able to save more characters than with “” It’s also easier to remember. With especially is it possible to view on click statistics by adding a plus at the end of your short link.

twitpic LogoNearly the same applies to the service TwitPic. There you can upload images you want to share with your followers. TwitPic also offers a possibility to browse through all of your uploaded images. Because TwitPic works with the Twitter-API, it doesn’t require a separate registration.

audioboo LogoAudioboo is a service for spreading voice messages via your mobile device. Sometimes you want to tell a little story, or explain a problem in more detail. This is point, where Audioboo works. Without needing local software, you can record your message and it will automatically spread to your followers.

twtpoll LogoTwtPoll assists you in creating surveys in any kind of questions. Simply type in your question and some answer possibilities and after spreading it to your followers, they can vote anonymously.

Friend Or Follow LogoIf you’re using Twitter for a longer time, you know the situation about losing track of who you are following, who follows you and who isn’t following back. Twitter integrated features doesn’t assists you very much, you have to search multiple sites before finding someone and you have to click on each to know if he is following you back. Friend or Follow lists your follows, fans and friends in a clearly arranged way.

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