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Feb 15

Twitter – Conclusion

By reading the previous parts of this series maybe you’ve learned something new about Twitter and know how to use it. But it still had made an effect on our daily business. People feel more connected and in touch with others. Unlike writing an email you get everything you want to read instantly and be informed quickly about real-time events. As I’ve said some lessons before, Twitter is much faster than a newspaper, but it has more than this benefit. For example reading a newspaper contains a lot of information about one event. But it’s written by mostly one author and you read only one point of view. Attending a discussion you can read some more and build your own position.

Maybe you know the situation, when you’ve been on holiday and after returning, friends and family wanted to see pictures and listen to your stories. So, you have to tell different persons the same story over and over again. By using Twitter you can update them directly and all are able to look at some pictures. Best argument is that you can’t forget somebody, who could be mad about this.

Other situation, you are in a little trouble (maybe you are cooking a soup for your parents-in-law and confused salt with sugar). Instead of searching the web for a solution, maybe some of your followers has been in the same situation and can give you a little hint.

One simple benefit for using Twitter is that you learn to shrink information precisely. Maybe it’s farfetched, but for mobile use this may also save traffic, because you get the main point and no long article around.

Last, but not least I wanted to remember you to the presidential election in USA where Barack Obama smartly used the potential of Twitter to get majority opinions and have an influence on the voting’s result.

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