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Feb 05

Twitter – Lesson 4/7: Why using Twitter?

The fourth part answers one of the most asked question about Twitter. “Why should I use this service?”. Like you’ve read in the previous articles, Twitter has much more to offer than said in the news.

Why using Twitter?

First of all, there are a lot of interesting users on Twitter, who has more to say than what they‘d eaten for breakfast. You can quickly build up a network of people, who are interested in the same things as you.

E.g. imagine you are programming and have a little error in it. Sometimes it is helpful, when others take a look on this and can tell you, that you‘ve mixed a 0 with an O. Twitter is also a great place to promote your own blog posts. Others can read them and start a discussion about this topic. Maybe, you get a kind of view, that you‘ll never thought about.

In no other place, you get the latest news more easily than on Twitter. Best example is the landing on the Hudson River or the death of Michael Jackson. You can also use Twitter for getting in contact with your customers. If you search for your product name, you get real thoughts and ideas for enhancing this product, than in any market research. And if your available as a real person for your customers, this increase the trustworthy of your company. Best example is a promotion for Twitter users by druckerei_de. They used this medium for free twitter calendars as a giveaway. Twitter calender for Twitter user is definitely personalized for this kind of group and they have been positively spoken about a long time.

The following chart demonstrate you, how Twitter is actually used. In my opinion, it has not reached his potential. By the way, pass along value means such things like retweeting messages again.

Percentage spreading of content users published on Twitter

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