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Jun 15

Three years of change – Short review about my apprenticeship


Nearly three years ago in April 2007, when I was about to finish 11th grade at school, my father told me his plans for moving 200km to Northern Germany. So I chose the best possibility for myself, I left school and searched an apprenticeship as an IT specialist. It was quite hard, because most positions had been filled already and I got a lot of rejections. But after all, I got a chance at a company in Lower Saxony. In two interviews and good results in an aptitude test, I could convince them of my skills. The contract has been signed beginning of July, not even one month before the beginning of my apprenticeship.
And so it all began…

First year

The first year was the “year of the new”. I had to manage new friends, a new town, long working days, a new boyfriend and a new period of life after my 18th birthday. But this worked well. Indeed, the first money had been spending in the first few days of the month, but the next wasn’t far away. My opinion of knowing a lot was disproved quickly, but so I could learn a lot – and I did. Sometimes, I was a bit tired driving home, that I thought about moving in my own apartment. In March 2008 the time was there and I moved into this little 45qm² apartment with two rooms, kitchen, bath and a storage room just five minutes away from work at which I write this blog post.

Second year

The second year was the hardest, I had two road accidents, much financial problems and one of my best friends committed suicide abruptly. The last one took me about half a year to deal with. At the same time, my instructor complained about my bad job performance, which was the best I could at that moment but I was unsatisfied with it, either. There were times, I thought about aborting the job and do something else instead. Just the motivation to work as a developer and the good results in my intermediate examination let me overcome this year.

Final year

After the rain comes sun, just to quote an old-fashioned statement of a very intelligent person, which meaning I didn’t understood until this year. Regarding the happenings in the previous year and a lot of time talking about that, I was sure to solve everything. Sometimes, I thought that I can fly and maybe I did. Passing the final exam and driving test are just the two most important things. This ones, I thought I couldn’t reach just a few months before.

As you’ve read, even I have overcome this low and made a change of 180 degrees. So, if you get in a similar situation, I would give you the advice to focus on your dreams and remember all the things you reached until this moment. But maybe you know a better solution?

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