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May 17

Testdrive for Fujitsu Esprimo Q1510

Because I’m searching for a multimedia hard drive for a while, a new project called one-livingroom sparked my interest in a mini PC. They offer 10 Esprimo Q1510 by Fujitsu for an 8-week test drive. In this test drive, you can try this device and blog about your experiences. Of a lot of fun and contests were also talked about. For participating into this test drive, you have to apply on their website.

I had some doubts, because I didn’t know if this project is independent or supported by Fujitsu. But after checking the imprint and searching information on the official Fujitsu website it’s clear to me. So, I gave it a try.

The Esprimo Q1510 has a Intel i3 processor, not the best but should be sufficient for surfing and listening to music. Supported interfaces are Ethernet, DVI, HDMI, 6 USB jacks and a lot more.

More about this, when I got my test drive invite. :)

Deadline for applications is the 19th May at 11:59pm.

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