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Feb 18

YouTube Star: Urban Ninja

Parkour has gained more and more popularity, but this stunts by Xin Sarith Azuma Phan Wuku are amazing and nearly incredible. This guy makes a fool out of gravity.

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Feb 11

YouTube Star: Mocha in “His first broccoli”

In this video you see a very cute 13 days old hamster, who get his first snack. He really enjoys. ;-)

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Feb 04

YouTube Star:Danny MacAskill bicycle stunts

This second video shows a collection of breath taking stunts performed by a british bicycle rider named Danny MacAskill. In my opinion it is definitely worth watching.

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Jan 28

YouTube Star: Michael Jackson Tribute by AJ Lanz

Today, I want to start a series about famous YouTube Videos. At first, a swiss recruit shows us how to imitate Michael Jacksons dance – and he’s doing well.

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