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Feb 14

Customize pagination in Word 2007

Page Number Format

Sometimes, it is possible to change the pagination in Word. For example, you have a cover (page 1) followed by an index (page 2) and then the pages should start with number 1. ¬†Although, I would prefer the content starting with page number 3, I will explain how to modify the pagination. First of all, …

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Feb 08

Create own shortcuts in Word 2007

In Word 2007 there is no shortcut for inserting a section break. Even, if you want to customize and create own shortcuts, these functionality is not really easy to find. I think this is one of the biggest disadvantages in Word 2007. But on I found a nice tutorial about defining own shortcuts.

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Feb 06

Section breaks in Word 2007

Activate Section In Status Bar

In general, Microsoft Word supports these three break types. Page break Column break Section break Section breaks are a method of layout a document in word. Each section can be formatted independently from a previous or following section, e.g. in orientation, pagination or margins. To insert a section break click on page layout -> breaks. …

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