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Jan 19

Secret Keys – or: The Legend of the 104th Key

Take a look at your keyboard. You’ll find a key labeled with Scroll-Lock. Please tap it, now. Do you notice any changes to your system? Oh, sure – there is a somewhat illuminating your dark room. But, should this really be its raison d’être?  And why hasn’t a Macintosh this key? Firstly, this key isn’t …

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Feb 20

Alternative to CTRL+ALT+DEL

If you have someone on the phone, it is nearly impossible to open the Windows task manager pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Or, if you have the welcome screen activated, you have to click a button, before opening the task manager. This you can simply avoid by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC instead. Give it a try, this shortcut works on …

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