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Feb 21

Why I prefer using IRC instead of ICQ

Yes, I admit that comparing ICQ with IRC is like comparing apples and oranges. ICQ is colorful and widely spread. IRC is the opposite, text-based and rarely spread – even back to the basics. But, you won’t believe, both have similarities. IRC and ICQ based on the TCP protocol and tried XMPP. Even both have …

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Jan 31

IRC Bouncers

What is a bouncer? A bouncer (also BNC) is a bot, which is always connected to a specified IRC server and their channels. It saves all queries send to you, while you’re offline and keeps small channels opened. Advantages and risks of using a bouncer There are a lot of discussions why to use a …

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Jan 25

QuakeNet Commands Cheat Sheet

Due to recent events, I’ve quickly composed a summary of the most important commands to be used on quakenet IRC channels. General Commands Channel Commands User Modes Channel Modes Register a Nick Request a Bot Q/L Commands Hostmasks You can also download a pdf here: QN_CheatSheetv2.pdf (222 KB)

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