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Dec 15

Unread Messages from Talk on Android lockscreen

In this post I will show you, how to turn your lockscreen into an information dashboard for missed calls and unread sms, mails, chat messages or upcoming events. At the end, it will look like the image on the right. Click on it to get a larger view. (I’m sorry that it’s in German. But …

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Nov 04

Solve freezing problem of Google Maps on Froyo 2.2

About a few months ago, I got the official update to Android 2.2 from Motorola. Everything was alright, except Google Maps. Everytime I use parts of the app, my Defy freezes a short time afterwards. Use the navigation: after about 30 km the phone freezes. View, where you are: after the third time the phone …

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Sep 08

Google Notebook will be closed! – What to do now?

Evernote Logo

A few days ago, Alan Eustace announced to bury some more Google products. This also includes Google Notebook, where I have stored a lot of ideas and post drafts. Other products are Google Pack, where you were able to download popular software (Skype, Adobe Reader, Chrome and Antivirus software) all at once or Google Desktop, to …

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Mar 25

Google Bookmarks enhanced

New Version of Google Bookmarks

For those like me, who organized their bookmarks for accessing them all over the world, Google Bookmarks would have never been a choice. Old functionalities were very simple, adding an URL and Title. With some labels and maybe a description and that’s it. But, wait – where are the things del.icio.us, digg.com or StumbleUpon offers? …

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Feb 22

Enhancing google search in Firefox

Add a keyword for Google search

Most of you know that you can search Google or your preferred search engine by entering your search query into the address bar. But, when you insert a single string you get referred to the first result directly. To avoid this, Firefox offers a simple method. Open Google Right-click on the search field Choose Add …

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Feb 17

Bypassing Google Redirect to local search

Normally, Google set a cookie to save your local settings. When you enter google.com into your browser, you get redirected to for example a German language interface with preferred search results in your local language. I’m automatically redirected to my iGoogle interface. But in some cases, I want the official google (not only for viewing …

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Feb 10

Google Buzz

Disable Google Buzz

Today, Google has launched a new project named Google Buzz. With this, Google wants to participate on the market of social networks. By a first look, it appears like a mixture of Facebook wall, Twitter and Google Wave. It’s not a secret, that Google Wave doesn’t really achieve a great acceptance so maybe Google Buzz …

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Feb 02

What if Google turns evil?

Some months ago I found a text about the influence of Google on the blog of Xelransu. Because I don’t want to keep this great stuff away from you, I’ve translated it into English. I know that this article doesn’t have the latest news. But I think it is still worth reading. Enjoy. Google crawls …

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