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Feb 06

Section breaks in Word 2007

In general, Microsoft Word supports these three break types.

  • Page break
  • Column break
  • Section break

Section breaks are a method of layout a document in word. Each section can be formatted independently from a previous or following section, e.g. in orientation, pagination or margins. To insert a section break click on page layout -> breaks. This has changed from Word 2003, where you found this option clicking on insert. Here you have four options to choose between.

  • Next Page
    The content continues on the next page after the section break.
  • Continuous
    The content continues directly after the section break. Orientation changes only takes effect on the next page.
  • Even page
    The content continues on the next even numbered page after the section break. If a page between is odd, it will remain empty.
  • Odd page
    Similar as the even page, just reverse.

I would recommend customizing the status bar displaying the actual section. This option is deactivated by default but can activate by right clicking the status bar.

Activate Section In Status Bar

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