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Jan 25

QuakeNet Commands Cheat Sheet

Due to recent events, I’ve quickly composed a summary of the most important commands to be used on quakenet IRC channels.

You can also download a pdf here: QN_CheatSheetv2.pdf (222 KB)

General commands

Join a server /server
Quit a server /quit [message]
Join a channel /join #channel
Leave a channel /part [message] o. /partall
Set away /away [reason]
Set back /away
Query a user /query [user]
Clear Channel History /clear o. /clearall
Change nick /nick [newnick]
Perform an action /me [text]
Global action /ame [text]
Perform an action /action [text]
Send #channel a message /nick [newnick]
Send message to all channels /amsg [text]
Get user info /whois [user]
Part and rejoin /hop


Channel Commands

Invite /invite [user] #channel
Kick /kick [user] [reason]
Ban /mode +b [usermask]
Change Topic /topic [topic]
Give op /mode #channel +o [user]
Take op /mode #channel -o [user]
Give voice /mode #channel +v [user]
Take voice /mode #channel –v [user]


User Modes

Set User Mode with /umode (+/-) [mode]

d deaf
i invisible
R restrictive messaging
w walluser
x hidden host


Channel Modes

Set Channel Mode with /mode (+/-) [mode] (default: +tCNn)

b channel ban
c no control codes
C no channel CTCPs
d hidden users present
D delayed join mode
i invite only
k key protected channel
l limited
m moderated
M moderated for non-auth
n no external messages
N no channel notice
o auto-operator
p private
r authed user only
s secret
t Topic lock
T deny multichan message
u no part/quit reasons
v auto-voice


Register a Nick

1. Say hello to Q: /MSG Q HELLO Mail Mail
2. Auth yourself: /MSG Q AUTH Nick Password
3. Change password: /MSG Q NEWPASS oldpass newpass newpass


Request a Bot

Request S: /msg R REQUESTSPAMSCAN #channel
Request L/Q: /msg R REQUESTBOT #channel


Q/L Commands

/MSG L CHANLEV #channel authname +aomnv
/MSG L ADDUSER #channel nickname
/MSG L REMOVEUSER #channel nickname
/MSG L INVITE #channel
/MSG L OP #channel
/MSG L DEOPALL #channel
/MSG L RECOVER #channel
/MSG Q CHANFLAGS #channel +bcfklptw
/MSG Q KEY #channel key
/MSG Q BAN #channel nickname
/MSG Q BANLIST #channel
/MSG Q BANDEL #channel nickname
/MSG Q BANCLEAR #channel



A hostmask, mostly used to specify a banned user or usergroup, comprises as followed: Nick!Ident@host.domain. A ban can have up to ranges. Mostly used are the second, third and fourth format.

*!user@host.domain A specified userident
*!*user@host.domain A specified userident (also +R)
*!*@host.domain A specified host
*!*user@*.domain A userident with any host
*!*@*.domain A domain
nick!user@host.domain A specified nick
nick!*user@host.domain A specified nick (also +R)
nick!*@host.domain A specified nick with any ident
nick!*user@*.domain A specified nick with any host
nick!*@*.domain A nick with any host/ident


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