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Apr 26

sipgate one beta launching in Germany

Sipgate LogoIn this blog post I will try to note my impressions about sipgate one in Germany.  If you’re from the United States, it had just launched and is free for everyone to register.

Around last year, I read about a service from the United States preparing to launch in Germany.

Its name: sipgate one.
The idea: Forwarding a  call to your mobile phone, your land line or your Skype account.

Just some days ago, I got my invite for sipgate one’s beta. The signup process was really easy, the longest part was choosing an eligible phone number.

What’s sipgate one? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 24

Quick Tip: How To Delete Your T-Net-Box

My provider had set up my line just a few days ago. Today I noticed 41 missing calls from 0800/33 0 2424. After a short web research, I found out that it was my T-Net-Box notifying me about missing calls. Not a big deal, I just don’t want this service available on my number. So, to permanently delete this box, I called the number mentioned above. I cannot access the settings until I’ve listened to all messages, so I put the cell phone away and waited some minutes.

In the settings, I navigate to 3 – 2 – 9 – 4 – * – * and a techvoice confirmed my successful deletion of the T-Net-Box. Hopefully.

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Jan 19

Secret Keys – or: The Legend of the 104th Key

Take a look at your keyboard. You’ll find a key labeled with Scroll-Lock. Please tap it, now. Do you notice any changes to your system? Oh, sure – there is a somewhat illuminating your dark room. But, should this really be its raison d’être?  And why hasn’t a Macintosh this key?

Firstly, this key isn’t without functionality for the most of us. In a time without a mouse or scrollbars, your only choice to scroll was moving your cursor downwards line-by-line. When activating the Scroll-Lock key, the cursor remains at his position and you scroll through a page more easily. Technically, the keyboard saves the key’s state and programs can handle their behavior accordingly to this state. In fact, there aren’t much applications out there referring to this key. Why should they, when we now have scroll wheels in a mouse? But some applications still don’t want to relinquish. Microsoft Excel, as the most popular example, supports the intended behavior. It also pause the output screen on a Linux console for scrolling the entire content. TeamViewer uses this key to send control commands directly to a remote machine. And even though no application would refer to the Scroll-Lock key, by all means some people want to keep this key for using as a hotkey.

In my selfish opinion I want to claim, that no one needs this key. Or did you hear of a mac user, requiring exactly this key? Mostly, the use of a scroll wheel fulfills your needs, even horizontally. TeamViewer has an option for sending commands directly and Linux console output can be also scrolled with Pause and your mouse wheel. It has no effect in OpenOffice documents. And those Excel-Users, do they really use it? Do you use it?

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Jun 15

Three years of change – Short review about my apprenticeship


Nearly three years ago in April 2007, when I was about to finish 11th grade at school, my father told me his plans for moving 200km to Northern Germany. So I chose the best possibility for myself, I left school and searched an apprenticeship as an IT specialist. It was quite hard, because most positions had been filled already and I got a lot of rejections. But after all, I got a chance at a company in Lower Saxony. In two interviews and good results in an aptitude test, I could convince them of my skills. The contract has been signed beginning of July, not even one month before the beginning of my apprenticeship.
And so it all began… Read the rest of this entry »

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May 17

Testdrive for Fujitsu Esprimo Q1510

Because I’m searching for a multimedia hard drive for a while, a new project called one-livingroom sparked my interest in a mini PC. They offer 10 Esprimo Q1510 by Fujitsu for an 8-week test drive. In this test drive, you can try this device and blog about your experiences. Of a lot of fun and contests were also talked about. For participating into this test drive, you have to apply on their website.

I had some doubts, because I didn’t know if this project is independent or supported by Fujitsu. But after checking the imprint and searching information on the official Fujitsu website it’s clear to me. So, I gave it a try.

The Esprimo Q1510 has a Intel i3 processor, not the best but should be sufficient for surfing and listening to music. Supported interfaces are Ethernet, DVI, HDMI, 6 USB jacks and a lot more.

More about this, when I got my test drive invite. :)

Deadline for applications is the 19th May at 11:59pm.

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May 10

Resumee Barcamp in Osnabrueck about OpenSource/Enterprise 2.0

Last Friday and Saturday was the first IT barcamp near my living town and my first, either. So I was a bit excited about which people to meet and what topics to discuss.

What is a barcamp?

A barcamp is like a conference about a special topic. But unlike a conference, where everyone listen and consume a barcamp is a more spontaneous. You participate, share your knowledge with others and define your topics together.
The name is a little wordplay. As a developer, you know that the variables foo and bar are imaginary words to describe any type of value which can be stored within. First camps in this style described above were kicked off by Tim O’Reilly and had the name foocamp which stands for Friends-of-O’Reilly camp. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 05

Free online alternatives to Photoshop – Part 1

The countdown is running for the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5. In the last couple of days you saw a lot of sneak peek videos, for example the functionality of content-aware fill, which has caused a lot of discussion on social networks.
But in these days, I thought about some alternatives. Photoshop CS 4 has cost about $700, which are big bucks for me. Do I need all those functions for quickly editing an image? I’m definitely not a web designer, but sometimes I miss a great tool for editing an image. Trying GIMP or Paint.NET ends in a disaster, GIMP crushed more than once and Paint.NET isn’t able to change text. Furthermore, I’m not that type of user who likes to slow down a computer with unused software.
The following list shows some the first part of online alternatives, I’ve tested. All of them are free, just some wants you to sign up and all of them don’t have to be installed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mar 25

Google Bookmarks enhanced

For those like me, who organized their bookmarks for accessing them all over the world, Google Bookmarks would have never been a choice. Old functionalities were very simple, adding an URL and Title. With some labels and maybe a description and that’s it. But, wait – where are the things, or StumbleUpon offers? Functions which turns bookmarking service into social bookmarking services, like sharing or at least publishing? Not in Google Bookmarks, at least until some hours ago.

Old version of Google BookmarksIn the screenshot, you see the old version of Google Bookmarks. On the left side, you see a list of all your labels. On the right site, you’ll find all of your bookmarks searchable with the form on top of this page. And that is really all Google Bookmarks was able to do.

The new Google Bookmarks

As you could see in the next screenshot, Google Bookmarks are presented in a new, tidy way.  But the design is nearly the same.

New Version of Google Bookmarks

On the left remains a list of your labels, on the right a list of all your bookmarks and also the search on top of this page. But you can also see a lot of new features I want to explain step by step in this article.

Add bookmarks easily Read the rest of this entry »

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Mar 16

Tab position after Firefox update

After the Firefox update to version 3.6.1, the position of a new tab has been changed. Now, a new tab will open directly after the current one.

There is no option to change this behavior in the regular options, but you can modify it manually.

1) For this, open a new tab in your browser.
2) Type in »about:config «
3) Confirm that you will take care. ;-)
4) Search for an option called »browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent«
5) Default option for this is »true«, which will cause creating a new tab after current. To get the old setting back, change this value to false using a double click.

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Feb 23

Nickchange in disallowing channels

Some channel modes on Quakenet servers forbid nick changes for the time you are in this channel. (Mostly, it will be mode +m) I’m in one of these moderated channels to follow an event bot and I want to change my nick to nick|afk if I’m away for a longer period. So, what to do?

To understand and solve this problem, I want to explain in greater detail. mIRC allows you to define an alias for some commands. For example, you can automatically say “Hello” by pressing the F1 key with the following command:

/f1 /say hello

You can also combine multiple commands on one alias by using the pipe symbol. Another example could be, you want to join the channels #test1 #test2 and #test3. Instead of entering your join-command three times, create an alias like:

/f2 /join #test1 | /join #test2 | /join #test3

An equivalent would be:

/f2 {
/join #test1
/join #test2
/join #test3

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