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Feb 19

Online Backup – Dropbox

About Dropbox

Dropbox Logo
Dropbox is a web service to backup personal files and synchronize it with others. It was founded in 2007 and launching publicity in late 2008. Dropbox is free for use up to 2 GB of files. If you want to increase this capacity, you can recruit your friends to this service and both get 250 MB more. The limit is exceeded at 3 GB. Since end of March, Dropbox has increased their maximum earnable free space for inviting your friend to 8 GB. So, maybe you want your first additional 250 MB by signing up with my referral.

Dropbox can be used either with Windows, Mac or Linux computers. Even the offered client is not inevitably needed to use Dropbox because all actions can be performed through the web interface. But the client enables some useful features, like unlimited file size.


Of course, you should be aware of saving your data for financial accounting on a foreign server. But the security handling by Dropbox is quite well. All uploads are encrypted with SSL and stored files are encrypted with AES and a 256-bit key. Furthermore, you can encrypt your files with software like TrueCrypt or similar in advance.

Yes, you can declare a folder as public. But this doesn’t mean that everyone can browse this folder. This is only necessary for sharing a single file. And even knowing the link to this file, you can’t draw a conclusion from to the whole folder. At least I want to notice, that folders can be shared only on invite. But then, I also have to add that everyone, you granted access to one of your folder can invite others.


As I said at the beginning, you can save up to 3 GB of files with any type and size. Dropbox also offers clients for mobile use, at the moment only for iPhone but an android app is in development. But you don’t have to install any client, because most of the features work also with the web interface. It is simply an additional possibility.

Files saved in your local Dropbox folder don’t stress your bandwidth, because you can scale the maximum usage of your line. Another saving of bandwidth goes with the incremental upload of files. So if you change a file locally, you don’t have to upload the whole file, just the changes.

Another less common feature of Dropbox is backup your files. Every file can be undeleted, if you accidentally deleted it. Also every change in the last 30 days can be restored. Only an unlimited undo of changes is available with a paid account.


I am using Dropbox for half a year, now. By using more than one PC, it is such a simplification not to switch between both computers with an USB stick. You can access all of your important files at every computer. With the client, you don’t even have to be connected to the internet. Also sharing is much easier, than usual. You don’t have to upload it to RapidShare or your FTP server, because mostly it is on your Dropbox account, already. Recipients don’t have to wait for downloading and you don’t have to care of spreading your FTP data. Dropbox is definitely one of my few essential programs.

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