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Feb 23

Nickchange in disallowing channels

Some channel modes on Quakenet servers forbid nick changes for the time you are in this channel. (Mostly, it will be mode +m) I’m in one of these moderated channels to follow an event bot and I want to change my nick to nick|afk if I’m away for a longer period. So, what to do?

To understand and solve this problem, I want to explain in greater detail. mIRC allows you to define an alias for some commands. For example, you can automatically say “Hello” by pressing the F1 key with the following command:

/f1 /say hello

You can also combine multiple commands on one alias by using the pipe symbol. Another example could be, you want to join the channels #test1 #test2 and #test3. Instead of entering your join-command three times, create an alias like:

/f2 /join #test1 | /join #test2 | /join #test3

An equivalent would be:

/f2 {
/join #test1
/join #test2
/join #test3

After you’ve understood the basic usage of aliases, you may also understand the following snippet. First, you have to change the value of the variable %channel to the name of the channel which prohibits your nickchange. Then open the mIRC Scripts Editor and insert the following code into the tab aliases. Confirm with OK.

Now, when you want to change your nick on any channel with the command /nick, you will firstly part the disallowing channels, then change your nick and rejoin on completing.

; Nickchange on disallowing channels
; coded by Nina Ziegler
; Place this code into the alias
; section of mIRC Scripts Editor
/nick {

; Change the value of %channel to your
; own disallowing channel.

var %channel = #sw-livebot

if(%channel ischan){
part %channel
nick $1
join %channel
else {
nick $1
join %channel

/help aliases in mIRC would also be a good source to learn more about this topic.

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