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Feb 10

Google Buzz

Google Buzz Logo

Today, Google has launched a new project named Google Buzz. With this, Google wants to participate on the market of social networks. By a first look, it appears like a mixture of Facebook wall, Twitter and Google Wave. It’s not a secret, that Google Wave doesn’t really achieve a great acceptance so maybe Google Buzz should replace it in less complexity.

When logging into your Google Mail account, you get notified that Google Buzz is going to be embedded into your mail account. Sounds nice, but by clicking this big blue button you enables some unwanted preferences which aren’t as obvious as the new created label below your inbox.

Google Buzz Inbox

“When you first enter Google Buzz, to make the startup experience easier, we may automatically select people for you to follow based on the people you email and chat with most. Similarly, we may also suggest to others that they automatically follow you. You can review and edit the list of people you follow and block people from following you.”

As you could read in the paragraph of Google Buzz Privacy Policy, Google automatically selects people you follow based on your profile. What aren’t as public, Google uses your mail contacts and calculating preferred followers based on email conversations. In plaintext, those who you are mailing with are now your followers and by default public to everyone through your Google Profile. Yes, you need one to use Google Buzz. So, everyone who knows your profile link of Google can see, with who you are in contact.

For deactivating this behavior, uncheck the checkbox in the following screen, which appears when you want to write your first post.

Google Buzz Create Profile

This is a big leak, because in my case I used Google Mail for mailing with my family and my ex-boyfriend. So these will automatically be shown as my friends. It looks like I’m still in contact with my ex and could be end in a huge discussion. But this scenario isn’t as bad, as if you really have an affair or are in contact with a new employer. These are things, which should not be known by the entire world – but it does by default.

Nearly the same concern a buzz post. You can choose whether to post it public, to Google Buzz users or only to your follower. First is set by default. Another point is the enforcement of linking other Google products to your profile and Buzz usage. For example the next paragraph, this can also be found in the Google Buzz Privacy Policy.

In addition, if you upload a photo via the Buzz interface or choose to email images to, we will include those photos in a Picasa web album and create a Google Picasa account on your behalf if you don’t already have one. The Picasa Privacy Policy will apply to your use of our Picasa service.

What If I don’t want to get a Picasa account? At this moment, then you must not use Google Buzz. In my opinion it is absolutely outrageous to use Google Buzz on these terms. To disable Google Buzz, go into the settings, click on disable and confirm.

Disable Google Buzz

Summarized, Google has a lot to work, if they want the majority to use Google Buzz. It will be hard enough to establish this service against Facebook or Twitter. In the past we could see, that there were problems getting Google services into social media and it continues with Google Buzz. The network Orkut is only known in Brazil, Google Wave fails and Google Buzz also didn’t have the best start.

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