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Mar 25

Google Bookmarks enhanced

For those like me, who organized their bookmarks for accessing them all over the world, Google Bookmarks would have never been a choice. Old functionalities were very simple, adding an URL and Title. With some labels and maybe a description and that’s it. But, wait – where are the things, or StumbleUpon offers? Functions which turns bookmarking service into social bookmarking services, like sharing or at least publishing? Not in Google Bookmarks, at least until some hours ago.

Old version of Google BookmarksIn the screenshot, you see the old version of Google Bookmarks. On the left side, you see a list of all your labels. On the right site, you’ll find all of your bookmarks searchable with the form on top of this page. And that is really all Google Bookmarks was able to do.

The new Google Bookmarks

As you could see in the next screenshot, Google Bookmarks are presented in a new, tidy way.  But the design is nearly the same.

New Version of Google Bookmarks

On the left remains a list of your labels, on the right a list of all your bookmarks and also the search on top of this page. But you can also see a lot of new features I want to explain step by step in this article.

Add bookmarks easily

This feature is not really new but worth to write about. Maybe, you noticed the star symbol after every page in your search results. And by clicking on it, this page is on top every time you search matches the page’s keywords. To this point, it is quite old stuff – but did you know that this click add the webpage to your Google Bookmarks? And that all your bookmarks recently added are also displayed with a star in your search results?

Summarized, it could be a nice feature to add bookmarks quickly and personalizing your search results. But I’m curious about how it behaves regarding privacy and collecting user data. ;-)


Another new feature is creating lists. With lists you can now sort your bookmarks into categories and control which to publish or not. To create a new list, click the button on the left menu. This will open a new window, where you can enter name, description and set the visibility. By default the visibility is set to »Private«.

Now you have an empty list. Access them via the info bar on top of this page or the menu item on the left (My lists). To add existing bookmarks to this new list, go back to the home site. There you can check every link you want to have in your list and add them with a click on the button »Copy to list« above.

TIPP: If you have labeled your bookmarks before, you just have to click one label and choose “create list for: [Label name]”.

The ordering in a list can be changed as well. Just grab the dots in front of the checkbox of a link and drag them to your favorite position. (Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the main page.)

Additionally, Google seems to have learned from their Google Buzz Privacy Fail by setting all created lists and your bookmarks as private by default.


To sub organize your lists (e.g. a section for every language in your list »Development«) you can add sections in the organize button in the list view. To add bookmarks to a section drag them into it. This is not possible into an empty section. For this, check the box in front of one link and use again the organize menu.


List can be shared independently if they are set private or public. In the top right corner of every list, you’ll find the share button. But there are also some differences.

Private lists can be shared with selected users. You can invite anyone but if he isn’t registered with this address, he has to sign up to view your list. Invited users can edit your list. This setting can’t be changed at this moment, so take care to whom you’ll give rights.

Public lists can be viewed by everyone, they don’t even have to sign up to an Google account. Additionally, Lists can also be found in search results.

Both lists can be commented, by your invited users or even everyone.


Sharing bookmarks is a long overdue feature, which let Google close up to their competitors. I started using Google Bookmarks about one year ago, because of its simplicity and because of not having to create another account on other pages. Furthermore, services like were too overloaded for me. So I was a little bit scared as I’ve heard of this improvement but I’m enthusiastic about these new features.

(I will post you a link to my shared bookmarks, after I finished ordering them.)

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