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Oct 28

Get a backup! (without root)

When you talk about backup and Android smartphones, you will often come upon Titanium Backup. This is unambiguously the most enthused about mentioned app, I’ve ever heard of. The problem: It requires root.

There might be a lot of reasons, why someone doesn’t need root permissions and also I took a long time to think it through. And might it just be the only time before you root your phone for the first time, you should have a backup of your files.

As an all-in-one solution for an export are MyBackup (30-day trial) or PhoneBackup available. But I’ve read a lot of comments in the Android Market about problems restoring files or inconsistent information, so I preferred putting my time and effort into an entire, reliable backup.

1) Create a new folder “backup” on sdcard. I use ES File Manager, but there are a lot of other fishes out in the sea.

2) Export your apps as *.apk files to your backup folder. Mostly all File Managers innately support this feature. If not, App Backup & Restore or AppMonster may help you. Note that some apps can be protected and will be excluded in your backup.

3) Backup app settings, highscores or data containing files (e.g. A KeePass container). This is the most time-consuming part, because I don’t know any app for that. You have to open each app, you want your settings saved from and search for an export function. It might be possible that a lot of apps don’t provide such an interface. In this cases, you either have to write down all settings, search for a specific backup app (there are a lot of for Angry Birds, but no one I would trust) or cross your fingers.

4) Save your photos, music, ringtones, videos or documents. Mostly, they are already located on your sdcard. But I strongly recommend to ensure this. With the default camera recorded videos and pictures of your Defy are stored in /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Camera. A file manager as mentioned in the first step or an phone explorer software like Motorola Phone Tools on a desktop PC can assist you.

5) Backup other stuff like:
· SMS with SMSBackup&Restore
· Call Logs with Call Logs Backup&Restore
· APN Settings with APN Backup&Restore

If not saved in the cloud…

· Bookmarks with Bookmarks manager
· Contacts (and SMS) with SDBackup

6) Just to be safe, I pushed all files on the sdcard with DropSpace into my Dropbox and copied the whole sdcard as a zipped file on an desktop PC.

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