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Feb 22

Enhancing google search in Firefox

Most of you know that you can search Google or your preferred search engine by entering your search query into the address bar. But, when you insert a single string you get referred to the first result directly. To avoid this, Firefox offers a simple method.

  1. Open Google
  2. Right-click on the search field
  3. Choose Add a keyword for this search
  4. Name the title you want and define a keyword. I choose a »g« for Google, but it’s up to you.

You can also manually add a new favorite in the favorite menu. Type in the name for this link, a keyword and one of the url in the list below.

Add a keyword for Google search

Description URL Keyword
Google search g
Google site site
Google link link
Google image img
Wikipedia wiki

I tried the same with Koqueror, there you have to click on Web Shortcut and follow the same instructions as above.

Create a Web Shortcut in Konqueror

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