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Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 31

IRC Bouncers

What is a bouncer? A bouncer (also BNC) is a bot, which is always connected to a specified IRC server and their channels. It saves all queries send to you, while you’re offline and keeps small channels opened. Advantages and risks of using a bouncer There are a lot of discussions why to use a …

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Jan 30

Twitter – Lesson 1/7: What is it exactly?

Today I would like to start a little series about Twitter, and what it exactly is. This topic comprises 7 parts and will be one by one released in the next few days. Have a look about the six subtopics I’ve been going to deal with. Content What is Twitter? A short introduction into the …

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Jan 29

Microsoft Excel and printing in PDF causes page splitting

Printing Excel to PDF - Screenshot 1

More than one time I had problems printing a whole excel workbook into one PDF file. A workbook with for example 6 sheets are saved in 3 files each with 2 pages. So, I looked up and compared the settings of all worksheets and noticed, that one has a different print quality than the others. …

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Jan 28

YouTube Star: Michael Jackson Tribute by AJ Lanz

Today, I want to start a series about famous YouTube Videos. At first, a swiss recruit shows us how to imitate Michael Jacksons dance – and he’s doing well.

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Jan 27

Apple Keynote – iPad

This will be one of the two million blog posts about what happen on the apple keynote at 27th of January 2010. But, so what, everything talks about and me too. On 10:10am Steve Jobs let the cat out of the bag: The new technology is called iPad and looks like a bloated iPhone. Nearly …

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Jan 26

Caution: short-URL send your porn watching history to anyone

Report - Screenshot 6

Today I had an interesting post from the german blogger Markus in my feed reader. On his blog he wrote a report about a website who can send your history relating porn movies to anyone, just by clicking on a short-URL like The site, spoken about is First, the website asks you simply:

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Jan 25

QuakeNet Commands Cheat Sheet

Due to recent events, I’ve quickly composed a summary of the most important commands to be used on quakenet IRC channels. General Commands Channel Commands User Modes Channel Modes Register a Nick Request a Bot Q/L Commands Hostmasks You can also download a pdf here: QN_CheatSheetv2.pdf (222 KB)

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Jan 24

Hello world!

Everything starts with Hello World. This is my first post on Project89. Look forward for many interesting topics in the near future. Kind regards, Nina

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