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Feb 14

Customize pagination in Word 2007

Sometimes, it is possible to change the pagination in Word. For example, you have a cover (page 1) followed by an index (page 2) and then the pages should start with number 1.  Although, I would prefer the content starting with page number 3, I will explain how to modify the pagination.

First of all, most of you know generally, how to insert a page number. For all others, activate the ribbon Insert, then click on Page Number and choose your favorite location and formatting of the page number like the following screenshot.

These are the basics, but for a more complex handling of pagination (and a lot more), you need the understanding of sections in a Word document.

Insert a section break at the end of the previous page. Word doesn’t have a shortcut for this, so you may want to configure one on your own. Your document would look like this:

Create Page Sections

So, insert your page number on the page you want. In this case, I double clicked on the bottom of the content page and inserted pagination like I explained in the beginning of this article. But as you see, it is still not, like we want. The index starts with one on the first page and continues to three on the third page. This is because Word links his page numbers to previous sections by default. To break this linking, just right click on the field of number 3 and choose Format Page Numbers.

Format Page Numbers
Page Number Format

By setting the preferences like in the image above, you have finished this tutorial. For some finetuning, you can delete the page numbers in the pages before or formatting these numbers. This guide can be adapted to any page on your document.

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