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Oct 11

Add Widgetsoid buttons to notification bar

Widgetsoid LogoI’m using Widgetsoid nearly since the beginning of my smartphone career. It’s an essential app for me, and worth trying for everyone, who want to switch settings (e.g. turning GPS on and off) quickly. In fact, I was satisfied yet until I saw a screenshot in another forum. There, the settings are included in the notification bar.

The final result will look like this:

Widgetsoid buttons in the notification bar

The solution was both simple and easy. Just change the settings as following:

Widget settings

1) Create a new widget on your homescreen and add the icons you need. If you already have one, just load it. In the widget settings choose “Advanced” and check the “Notification” option.

Check Notifications in the widget settings

App settings (optional)

Furthermore, some general options can be set in the app settings. This can be displaying an icon or change colors. I don’t want an icon in my notification bar and some custom colors. Take a look at this settings:

Change optional app settings

2) Hide the notification bar icon
3) Change the colors
4) Activate popups (this is needed, because my Defy can’t differ between the icons in the notification bar. Some other smartphones may behave elsewise.)

That’s it.

Download from Android Market

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